We follow the Buddhist Bible headed by the True Law Lotus Sutra - used by Shotoku, Saicho, Nichiren, Shinran, Dogen & even Todaiji Temple for ordination.

In order to bring back a sense of authenticity to Buddhism, we follow the Buddhist Bible with an emphasis on the Lotus Sutra - honored by the National Archives of India as the "oldest manuscript in Indian history" & by Japan as "the first document on record' and the basis for the Constitution of Japan. We uphold the Ekayana Doctrine of the Lotus Sutra that all of Buddha's teachings can find common ground to bring diverse Buddhists together - including teachings from the Nirvana Sutra, Amida Sutras, Golden Light Sutras, Srimala Sutra, Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutras, Shurangama Sutras and aspects of the Nikayas.


However, while many monks and scholars often make up their own Buddhist doctrines, we maintain authenticity by providing a Sanskrit reference for everything we teach. We also maintain a museum with artworks and archaeology to back up everything we teach about Buddhism to ensure complete accuracy..



A major issue facing Buddhism is that authors & monks often make up their own teachings with no citations whatsoever or even in violation of the holy scriptures of Lord Buddha. We therefore follow a Buddhist Bible where we study, recite, translate & promote the actual teachings in Sanskrit as well as translations into Japanese, Chinese, English & all major languages. We have studied all of the texts of the Mahayana, Hinayana and Vajrayana and can discuss aspects from any of them with scholars and congregations. The key texts include the Srimala Sutra, Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra, Nirvana Sutra, Lankavitara Sutra, Heart Sutra, Shurangama Sutra and Golden Light sutras as well as the Nikayas. We are one of the only temples in the world that teaches all of these sutras in Sanskrit and have compiled a Bible with translations of the key passages of all these sutras. We also chant full sections from the iconic  Lotus Sutra that has played the most important role in India from inspiring Ashoka, Nalanda, Ajanta and the Mahabodhi Temple to Gandhi, Netaji and the spirit of Ambedkar. The Lotus Sutra tradition is also the mother of all schools of Japanese Buddhism and Chapter 25 on Kannon/Kwanyin is the most important chapter in Japan and China across all traditions. We also place value and emphasis on the Karandavyuha Sutra and Avalokiteshwara who unites all Buddhists of all nations with a common platform of compassion and kindness. We believe mantra chanting and meditation can transform our lives and the world with wisdom and compassion.