Many historians including Will Durant have called it the worst holocaust ever...

Buddhism was the main religion of India during her golden age of the Maurya, Gupta and Pala Empires. Unfortunately, Buddhism suffered the worst holocaust in world history where every Buddhist temple was destroyed, every Buddhist statue was smashed, every Buddhist acharya or teacher was killed and the entire Buddhist civilization was wiped out. During this time the last of the Buddhist Acharyas took the Buddhist scriptures, relics and artifacts to other parts of Asia where Buddhism flourished. In India, the last Buddhist dynasty, the Palas of Bengal appointed a few Acharyas to keep the tradition alive. They included Zenji's own ancestors in India. Furthermore, passing down the traditions through families is given the highest importance in India and Japan.


As Buddhism was completely outlawed, Zenji's ancestors built temples semi-underground and hid Buddhist stupas and relics. They also continued to pass down the Lotus Sutra from generation to generation with the belief that someday the Buddha would return to India. During the fight for Indian Independence, the British re-discovered the Buddhist landmarks of India and the ancient Buddhist temples were immediately given special status as "Heritage Temples of National Importance". During this time, the British also discovered the temples built by Zenji's ancestors and realized they could well be the same temples described by Fa Huen and Huen Tsang - the great Chinese historians. Zenji's temples were immediately given the same signage as that of Vulture's Peak, Mahabodhi Temple, Nalanda and the holiest Buddhist sites of India. In addition, the President of India gave a special honor to Zenji's team for the preservation of Indian Buddhism, the Archaeological Survey of India placed Zenji's family altar of the Buddhist divinity Avalokiteshara in the Indian Museum and a book was written publishing the lineage of Zenji's ancestors going back over 60 generations. Recently the courts of India registered Zenji as the head of the oldest Buddhist lineage in India and the Indian army has orders to protect Zenji's temples from desecration. There is no other Buddhist leader in the world who hails from such a unique lineage authenticated at such a high level. Furthermore, the Govt of India has authorized Zenji to revive the lineage in Japan and even take the stupa and relics to Tokyo as Japan is considered India's closest ally. Zenji's grandfather and extended family in India chose him as Head Priest of over 36 Heritage Temples and he took his vows on the Lotus Sutra at Nalanda and Vulture Peak to champion the sutrayana lineage of the original Buddhist  Acharyas of India who wrote all of the scriptures for all traditions of Buddhism.


During the fight for independence, Zenji's grandfather worked closely with Japanese Buddhist missionaries who predicted that Zenji would play a role in reviving the Mahayana lineage of India's Golden age. As a result, Zenji's grandfather instilled in him a penchant for Sanskrit recitations of the Lotus Sutra as well as other key sutras - a knack that is very rare even amidst scholastic circles. Furthermore, the Japanese Nichiren monks warned Zenji that another Buddhist holocaust was under way in the Western education system where mostly Western professors were advocating that "Buddhism was not even a religion but an atheistic philosophy" although every single scripture and every Buddhist temple in the world tells a very different story.  What's more is that a popular trend among Western atheist-Buddhists is the motto "Kill the Buddha" which is the same motto of those who perpetrated the Buddhist holocaust of India. The Nichiren monks pointed out that all of Indian, Chinese and Japanese Buddhism was based on the Lotus Sutra and not the musings of eccentric authors. They urged Zenji to be strong like Nichiren who was relentlessly persecuted, defamed and attacked in his lifetime and yet today is the most influential Buddhist monk on an international scale with followers all over the world. The Nichiren monks urged Zenji to use his lineage and the Lotus Sutra to revive Mahayana Buddhism in India and counter the relentless propaganda of Western authors that permeates all forms of media today. In fact, Zenji has received great support from Asian Buddhists from across the world -- from China where a group of monks held a special ceremony to honor Zenji at the Buddha's palace in Nepal to Vietnam where many nuns held a special prayer service to help Zenji revive the lineage of his ancestors. Zenji has also lectured alongside many professors of the leading academic institutions who agree that the way Buddhism is taught by mostly White academics and authors is very different from the way it is practiced by Asians. The Nichiren monks warned Zenji that he would be targeted by certain elements who have an agenda of trying to colonize Buddhism in order to undermine Japan and China -- the 2 superpowers on the world stage after America. The Japanese have been put in internment camps and the Chinese had a head tax put on them and this same colonial spirit continues to influence Western education where young Asian kids are taught a form of "atheistic Buddhism" that is completely different from what they see their families practice. This form of social engineering is designed to confuse Asian youth into disconnecting from their own Buddhist traditions - which have influenced the bulk of Asian art, culture, language, literature, National Treasures, and civilization as a whole.


 This website is managed by a team of Asian Buddhists and conveys the way Buddhism is practiced by Asians who make up more than 99% of Buddhists in the world. It is different from the way Western authors try to portray Buddhism and the way Buddhism is taught by Western academics. Several initiatives are being worked on in the legal system to end the institutional racism of so-called "Western (Imperial) Buddhism" and more details will be announced soon. Till then we will continue to have the resolve of Nichiren and use skillful means to help Asian youth be proud of their heritage and have a sense of their own identity despite the relentless propaganda by Western "atheist Buddhists" in text-books and on the internet. As Nichiren has proclaimed, "That is why the Great Teacher Miao-lo stated, “The stronger one’s faith, the greater the protection of the gods.” So long as one maintains firm faith, one is certain to receive the great protection of the gods. Furthermore, because you maintain your faith in the gods and you revere the Buddha....The thirty-six deities on earth and the gods of the twenty-eight constellations in the heavens will lend you protection. Furthermore, human beings have two heavenly gods who always accompany them, just as a shadow follows the body....Everyone, from the sovereign on down to the common people, without exception has tried to do me harm, but I have survived until this day. You should realize that this is because, although I am alone, I have firm faith." - Nichiren, Supremacy of the Law, page 614. Centuries later Mahatma Gandhi who was very close to the same Nichiren monks supported by Zenji's grandparents declared "courage is the first requisite of spirituality - cowards can never be spiritual".