While our expertise is Indo-Sino Japanese Buddhism, we also teach Chinese Buddhists as China is the home of the largest number of Buddhists worldwide &  the Shaolin tradition that greatly influenced Samurai Buddhism. The majority of Chinese including the Premier have faith in Guanyin - the most popular and beloved divinity in Buddhism.

Mahayana Buddhism was heavily influenced by China and so we have thus also lectured to Chinese Buddhists all over the world. Although China is a communist nation, it is home to the largest number of Buddhists in the world including the President Xi Jinping. It also played a highly important role in the promotion of Buddhism across Asia as well as in the life of Shaolin and Samurai patriarch Bodhidharma - the coolest and most influential Buddhist monk in history and the Patron Saint of the Samurai as well as founder of Shaolin Kung Fu. Hence, weare able to teach many young Chinese Buddhists and conduct sessions for them using Sanskrit and Chinese terminology. Most Chinese have a very deep faith in Almighty Guanyin and we publish literature and materials on Guanyin from a Chinese perspective. We have also conducted prayer sessions at major temples of China and manage an important collection of Chinese Buddhist art including some of the world's largest paintings on Buddhist themes. We also engage Buddhists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore that also practice the original Indo-Sino-Japanese Buddhism of Asia's Golden Age. Similarly we are active in Chinese communities of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia that subscribe to Indo-Sino Mahayana Buddhism.