Bringing Karma, Compassion & Meditation to the corporate world...

Rev Nio Bay Street guru and adviser to the  University of Toronto who is working to promote the benefits of Karma, Compassion and Meditation in the corporate world. Colleen recently received the Sacred Wreath from the Interfaith Prayer for Peace in honor of victims of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on behalf of our temple.

As per the Lotus Sutra & Vimalakirti sutra, we focus on making Buddhism with its teachings of Karma, compassion and meditation a part of the corporate world where many people are very rich and yet tormented by stress and a lack of purpose. We are the only temple in Canada with a presence on Bay Street right near Trump Hotel and we are using the principles of the Samurai and Shaolin to help CEOs and executives deal with stress and find meaning in their work.

Leading financial guru Colleen Coman who has worked with several major companies and serves as the Chair of Investments for the University of Toronto has applauded Rev. Nio's unique fusion of Western Motivational Speaking with Eastern philosophy and has described Nio as the "Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins of the next generation". Colleen is now a part of our project and is designing ways to promote the concept of Karma and socially responsible investments among corporate leaders many of whom are turning to the benefits of meditation, yoga and the martial arts which all play a key role in Buddhist practice.