Ancient imagery of Kannon  can be seen in all  centers of Indian Buddhism from Nalanda to Ajanta to the Mahabodhi Temple.

Original Indian Buddhism is based on the Mahayana ideals - revived by Japanese monks & 'earthly Bodhisattva' Ambedkar

India is the birthplace of Buddhism which was the religion of India's golden age. The landmarks of Indian Buddhism are all inspired by the Mahayana -- from the elaborate stupas made by King Ashoka as per the commandments of the Lotus Sutra to the Mahayana imagery of the Mahabodhi Temple full of images of Avalokiteshwara (Kannon); from the majestic caves of Ajanta where the Kannon painting is the biggest attraction to the cradle of Buddhist civilization at Nalanda which got its very name from the Lotus Sutra and whose Museum is dominated by a huge statue of Kannon. The very emblem of India is the lion's throne from the Lotus Sutra and the Lotus Sutra also played a key role during India's quest for Independence.


For example, Mahatma Gandhi placed the Lotus Sutra as the most important text in his public prayer ceremonies and Nehru treasured the Sanskrit Lotus Sutra given to him by the Russian Government. Netaji's ashes are kept in a Lotus Sutra temple that is visited by the President and Prime Minister of India after they take office and Dr. Ambedkar wore a suit instead of a robe and engaged in egalitarian initiatives instead of monastic work. The Indian Museums have stated that the bulk of their collections is inspired by the Lotus Sutra and the National Archives have declared that the Lotus Sutra is the oldest manuscript in its collection.


Today, the chanting of the Lotus Sutra has taken over the influential circles of the major cities and the Lotus Sutra is invoked at rallies attended by millions of Buddhists. The President of India Pronob Mukherjee has been attending a Lotus Sutra temple his entire life (the same one attended by Rev. Nio) and the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said that "one Buddhist mantra had more spiritual power than all other religious texts combined". Modi also took his official picture with the Prime Minister of Japan in the presence of Japanese Buddhist monks. Rev. Zenji Nio has become the first Indian to teach the Sanskrit Lotus Sutra and other Bodhisattvayana sutras in the ruins of Nalanda and before millions of people in India again since the 12th century when Buddhism was wiped out in the worst holocaust in world history. Japanese Lotus Sutra Missionaries are the heads of the biggest temples in India and worked with Nio's ancestors the o lay foundation to the Mahayana revival.

In recent years, Dr. Ambedkar has upheld the spirit of the Bodhisattva and led a remarkable movement to use Buddhism to empower and emancipate Dalits and Untouchables who have beeb marginalized by the Hindu caste system.