Promoting interfaith harmony among all members of the human family

with Chaplain Johnson of Yale University & now George Washington University who hailed Rev. Nio as "the Martin Luther of Buddhism - a reformer and a revolutionary".

Although the Lotus Sutra & Nirvana Sutra make it clear that Buddhists are supposed to have exclusive loyalty to Buddhism and this is also stressed by Japan's most influential monks Shinran and Nichiren, we can forge friendships with members of other faiths as all are children of the Buddha who is the Eternal Heavenly Father to all beings as per the Lotus Sutra. We therefore engage in Interfaith Events to bring the world together in service of humanity. In addition, as Almighty Kannon can manifest as any God of any religion, we respect all people and are proud to belong to the only global religion that was not spread by force.  Just as members of different nations can be proud to carry their own passport and yet be friends with other nationalities, Buddhists can be proud to be Buddhist and yet have friendships with people of other faiths for Karma, Kannon and Compassion are universal to all.

It is pertinent to note that we are also assisting the Japanese Buddhist monks who brought Buddhism back to India after the Buddhist Holocaust. President of India Pronob Mukherjee is a lifelong patron of Japanese Buddhism. The Indian Emblem is an homage to Lord Buddha and means "all gods of all directions bow in worship before Shakya the Lion". The most influential Hindu guru Vivekananda affirms that Buddha is his "ishta" or personal God and Rabindranath Tagore has said "the only God he prostrates before is the Lord Buddha".  PM Modi said Buddha is the Crown Jewel of India - Chief among its greatest masters.

It must also be stressed that Buddhist teachings on Compassion and Loving kindness transcend all barriers and apply to all members of the human family and all sentient beings alike. Buddhism thus strives to promote harmony and amity among all peoples and all cultures with an aim to end suffering for ourselves and all sentient beings.