Kannon (Guanyin) is "The Supreme Divinity" that is beyond gender, mythology, ethnicity and nationality but personifies the Benevolent Cosmos & Law of Attraction and Source of Positive Qualities. Kannon is the most widely worshiped God/Goddess for all Buddhist sects in a non-denominational way. The Lotus Sutra's most popular chapter 25 venerates Kannon declaring that "praying to Kannon for 1 second has more power than worshiping a trillion gods and Buddhas in every way for one's entire life." The Lotus Sutra calls Kannon the "Lord and Savior of not just humans but also all gods" and the "Lord of the Universe, King of all Gods, & Omnipresent and Limitless Lord worshiped by all Beings with the Unrivaled power to save countless trillions in an instant." Kannon takes the form of Brahma, the Creator and all Buddhas to inspire all which is why Kannon has a thousand arms. The world's greatest Buddhist temples of ALL Buddhist nations have statues of Kannon as Supreme Lord. They include Mahabodhi, Nalanda & Ajanta of India; Asakusa, Kiyomizu Dera, Sanjusangendo, Shitennoji, Todaiji & Hase Kannon of Japan and Shaolin & Longman of China. Even Hinayana nations like Sri Lanka's largest temples Gangaramaya and Kelaniya honor Kannon as do all temples of Tibet.

Almighty Kannon merges the scientific Law of Attraction with the spiritual "King of all gods". The Karandavyuha Sutra with its famous mantra 'Om Mani Pade Hum' hails Kannon as the Power and Originator of all divinities rolled into one and the Lotus Sutra says that meditating on Kannon even for a second is more beneficial than worshiping a trillion gods in every conceivable way for your entire life. Kannon meditation can remove all negative energy and obstacles and align your inner spirit with the highest power that governs your destiny. Therefore scientifically, Kannon is the Supreme Being that embodies the Power of the Universe & Law of Attraction that can make all dreams come true. Kannon also personifies Compassion & is the Source of Courage. When we meditate on Kannon, we become like Kannon by finding power within us as well as attracting blessings from above. Kannon is beyond gender & nationality - can be male or female, blonde or Asian and is often shown with many arms to depict the power of all gods combined. Devotees of Kannon are like the Arms of Kannon and go about helping others. The world's oldest extant temples in India, Japan and China are dedicated to Kannon. Furthermore, Kannon alone unites members of all different sects.

One of the biggest myths in the West is the claim that there is no Higher Power in Buddhism promoted by agenda-based authors with no understanding of Sanskrit or the way Buddhism is practiced by Asians. Every major temple in Asia's most advanced nations of Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tibet & parts of South Korea venerate Kannon or Kwan Yin as the All-powerful Almighty Divinity that is both scientific and yet akin to the God of all gods. The biggest pilgrimage site in the world is Sensoji Kannon temple of Tokyo with over 30 million pilgrims a year & Time Magazine has documented that Rengeoin with 1000 statues of Kannon with 1000 arms in Kyoto is rated as the most spectacular by tourists. The first official temple in Japan - Shitennoji built by Shotoku himself is dedicated to Kannon Who is even venerated in the most important sites of India - Mahabodhi Temple, Ajanta Caves & Nalanda Museum. The Lotus Sutra makes it clear Kannon is not only the Lord & Savior of all humans but also all gods and takes the form of all gods and all Buddhas throughout history. The Buddha says "chanting the name of Kannon just once with devotion generates more spiritual blessings than worshiping a trillion gods for one's entire life". From a science perspective, Kannon embodies the Law of Attraction, the Source of Courage, Compassion & all good qualities, the Benevolent Cosmos that helps us fulfil our destiny & the manifestation of all dreams. When we personify the Power of the Universe we get Kannon who takes on the form of Amida in Heaven & came to earth as the historic Buddha. Kannon is neither male nor female & can take any form of any ethnicity to help people all over the world relate to Him/Her. Therefore meditating on Kannon activates the law of syncronicity where miraculous situations, circumstances and people come into one´s life to help you manifest your destiny. While often depicted as a loving mother, Kannon can also take the form of the warrior gods Nio-Vajrapani Kongo Rikishi or Bishamonten popular with Shaolin and Samurai warriors. Japan's most popular priest Shinran credits Kannon with bringing him to his guru Honen and Japan's 2nd most popular monk Nichiren says Kannon embodies the Lotus Sutra. Kannon is also the most popular God for Tibetan Buddhists who call Kannon Chenzerig and a towering presence in Sri Lanka's biggest temples Gangaramaya and Kelaniya. Kannon is said to eclipse the power of all Hindu deities combined.. For more information,  visit www.Buddha.expert