The Superhuman resilience of Marathon monks shows the power of mantra chanting and blessings of taking the Kannon pilgrimage

A Marathon monk discusses with Rev. Nio who is an expert in the chanting of the Lotus Sutra in Sanskrit and higher worship practices of Kannon and has lived in Koya-san where h participated in fire rituals or Homa Yagyas to Achalanatha/ Fudo-Myo

The greatest athletes in the world are the Marathon monks of Japan who use mantra meditation to complete 1000 marathons in record time. The Marathon monks chant the Lotus Sutra which is the King of the scriptures and along their arduous journey they stop at the 100 sacred temples of Almighty Kannon - the Highest Divinity in all schools of Buddhism worldwide.  The Marathon monks preserve the great tradition of the Yamabushi and Sohei Temple defenders that could use Buddhist meditation and mantra chanting to manifest near superhuman skills of feat. Even the popular Japanese Sohei warrior Benkei was known for defeating 300 Samurai in battle by using the same techniques. We rely on the same sources to bring a whole new dimension to the world of self-help and motivation and to help athletes reach their highest potential and bring out their best.