Mantra Meditation is the most effective of all spiritual practices for people in the real world- from CEOs & Athletes to patients and teenagers.

Japanese meditation is based on the inner and outer chanting of powerful mantras Namo Kannon, Namu Amida Bu and Namu Myoho Renge Kyo from the Lotus Sutra & Amida Sutra - the 2 most popular Buddhist scriptures for all Tiger Asia nations. We practice the mantra Namo Kannon/Kanzeon/Kanjizai/Avalokiteshwara as it is non-denominational and has the most spiritual power as per the Lotus Sutra. Another powerful combined mantra is Namo Amida Kannon Ichijo Myoho Renge Kyo. We are also the only temple in the world to teach original Sanskrit recitations from the Lotus Sutra and Amida Sutra that are the most powerful and documented by scientists as being able to open all the chakras and manifest blessings or serendipitous circumstances.

Of all the spiritual practices, meditation is the one most championed by doctors and scientists. Furthermore, the powerful vibrations of sound therapy as a way to combat stress and obtain maximum focus has been verified in many scientific tests which is why Albert Einstein dubbed Buddhism the "religion of the future". Japanese Buddhism is based on mantra chanting from the Buddha's highest teachings - the Lotus Sutra and the Amida Sutra and we are the only temple in the world that chants both in their original Sanskrit versions are well as Japanese versions. The most popular mantras are Namo Kannon, Namo Amida Bu and Namu Myoho Renge Kyo all derived from the Lotus Sutra - the King of scriptures. These mantras can be combined together for maximum power and spiritual awakening.