Mahayana Buddhism is the fastest growing religion all over the world with its unique emphasis on the science of meditation, equality for all including women and youth, no history of conquest  and a definition of God as Kannon the all-loving source of positive energy and compassion beyond gender & ethnicity & a perfect role model for all that embodies the Law of Attraction.

Mahayana Buddhism is the fastest growing religion across the world with its emphasis on the science of meditation, equal rights for women and lay people, opposition to slavery and the only definition of a universal all-loving God in Kannon. The Bodhisattva Vow helps people transform themselves and the world with kindness and compassion.

The Lotus Sutra commands us to promote Buddhism and positive consciousness all over the world and there are many reports that Mahayana Buddhism is the fastest growing religion among Westerners many of whom are turning to meditation, yoga, and Karma in record numbers. Our outreach initiative has resulted in a growing global congregation all over the world with a truly diverse demographic that transcends age and nationality and encompasses people from all walks from Athletes and CEOs to patients and yoga practitioners.



We are working on cool and exciting platforms to promote Buddhist spirituality in the corporate world, political arena, social service section and entertainment industry where several major international stars identify themselves as Lotus Sutra Buddhists. As Mahayana Buddhism actively promotes equal rights for women, gays, minorities and the oppressed and opposes slavery or inquisition or creation mythology; as the scientific benefits of meditation are provable and as  Kannon is the most loving and compassionate definition of a universal God for all peoples, many Westerners and Asians alike find Mahayana Buddhism to be best suited for future generations which is why Einstein dubbed it the Religion of the Future.