Japan's mascot Daruma is the Founder of Shaolin Kung Fu
& Patron Saint of the Samurai with the Yamato mantra "Fall 7, Rise 8".

Rev. Nio gave a raved about speech alongside the Director of Shaolin Temple at the National Museum and serves alongside him on a World Council for the Bodhidharma - the patron of Shaolin & Samurai. Daruma as the founder of Kung Fu is the most famous Buddhist monk in history and he is the mascot of Japan as is seen in Daruma dolls nationwide. Whenever a student or CEO or Prime Minister resolves to accomplish something, they paint one eye of the Daruma doll and upon completion of the task, they paint the other. Daruma's message of persistence against all odds is an inspiration to people of all faiths and traditions alike.

The coolest and most popular Buddhist monk of all time is Bodhidharma aka Daruma in Japan and Tamo in China. He is universally credited as the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu by all Shaolin masters and his statues permeate the Shaolin Temple which is the birthplace of all martial arts. Daruma is also the Patron Saint of the Samurai and many of the leading Samurai leaders including Musashi would paint images of him. Daruma is universally beloved as a symbol of Japan as seen is the great Daruma dolls. The mantra of Daruma is "Nana Korobi Yaoki" or Fall down 7 times, get up 8. This is a mantra for all athletes, students, leaders and laity alike. It is also the embodiment of the Yamato spirit which explains why Japan is able to always overcome national tragedies with the indomitable spirit of Daruma Taishi.


The Shaolin Temple is perhaps the most famous Buddhist temple in the world as the birthplace of Kung Fu. Its facade is inspired by the Lotus Sutra with Kannon, Nio Shukongshin and Bishamon honored in the main altar and special halls dedicated to Kannon, Samanthabhadra and Manjurshi - all principle characters of the Lotus Sutra.



Its also interesting to note that the Shaolin monks were so skilled in combat that a mere 13 monks could take on an army. On an occasion when the Shaolin Temple was being attacked, the monks prayed to Kannon in the form Nio-Vajrapani and believe the Lord blessed them with advanced staff-wielding techniques to defend themselves. Shaolin monks credit Bodhidharma as the founder of Kung Fu & Kannon in the form of Nio-sama Vajrapani as their Divine Protector in all battles.