Reviving India's oldest Buddhist tradition in Japan's
most famous spiritual neighborhood in Tokyo.

Rev. Nio's family temples have been declared Heritage Sites of National Importance protected by the Indian Army due to the influential role they played in the spreading of Buddhism down the Silk Road. When Buddhism was wiped out of India, it reached its height in Japan under the great Kamakura tradition which gave birth to Japan's most popular priests Nichiren, Shinran, Honen, Dogen Zenji et all. Therefore Rev. Nio is reviving the oldest Mahayana lineage of India in the world's largest city of Tokyo.  Tokyo is home to Sensoji - the most widely visited Buddhist temple in the world dedicated to Kannon and is also known for the great Amida Buddha and Hase Kannon statues near-by, as well as the home of Nichiren, whose focus on the Lotus Sutra, is the fastest growing school of Buddhism all over the world.

The New Temple will be an homage to Vulture Peak - the holiest site for Buddhists where the Lord Buddha revealed His greatest and ultimate teaching the Lotus Sutra and in the same tradition, the Temple will be possibly the only one in the world where the Lotus Sutra and other key Mahayana sutras will be taught in Sanskrit, Japanese and English. It will also pay tribute to Prince Shotoku - the father of Japanese Buddhism and Bodhidharma - the most popular Buddhist saint as they are both widely loved by all Buddhists of all sects. The Temple will also house a museum gallery that will celebrate the most influential monks in the history of Japanese Buddhism or Yamato Bukkyo.  There will also be important works dedicated to Indian Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism as all 3 powerful nations share a common Buddhist heritage.