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With senior adviser Prof. Shaw of Oxford University and Sanskrit expert & Indian diplomat Mishra

"Rev. Nio is the Martin Luther of Buddhism - a reformer and a revolutionary!" - Chaplain Johnson, formerly of Yale University, now George Washington University.



"Zenji is exactly what America needs today - he can reach the youth and mainstream for whom the mysticism of monks do not cut it" - Gerald Durley, protege of Martin Luther King Jr.



"Not since the Dalai Lama has there been a Buddhist leader who can engage the Western audience in such an effective and endearing manner" - C. Khanna, close to 40 year veteran of Eastern traditions, Sanskrit expert and associate of Swami Veda, IONS coordinator



"Nio's ideas are so great - I want to share them with the world", A. Berrigan, United Nations veteran.


"Nio's work is a great gift for future generations" - Karunamayee, protege of Mahatma Gandhi at the Parliament of World's Religions highlighting Gandhi's veneration of the Lotus Sutra.



"We are inspired with his ideas, incredible values and power of speech!" - H. Lee, working for Hillary Clinton's campaign and an ambassador for the Korean American community.


"After listening to a speech from Rev. Nio, you forget about all other scholars" - Prof Heber, Washington University.





"Zenji is truly inspirational, truly remarkable, I do not have words..." - A. Mishra, Sanskrit expert and senior Indian diplomat and Consul General honoring Zenji as the only Buddhist expert among India's leading promoters of Sanskrit philosophy.



"Not even the Masters Program at Delhi University conveys the level of research and knowledge that Zenji possesses." - A. Bhatia, son of Vimal Chander who wrote the Constitution of India with Dr. Ambedkar - the most influential Buddhist in recent Indian history.



"Although we are Buddhist in Japan, we still learn so much from Nio-san". - T. Fujimoto, Japan consul.



"Obviously a highly regarded authority on Buddhism. I absolutely see Nio becoming one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time. I am so inspired by the depth of his passion to keep Buddhism thriving and relevant". M, Miner, Wa Thai (America's largest Buddhist temple).



"You have not heard a speaker on Dharma until you have heard Zenji. Here is someone who can do an even better job than the older gurus". - A. Erry, Canada's senior most Hindu leader.



"No one compares to Zenji's credentials" - Dr. R. Patil, Jain Society of North America.



"Einstein said Buddhism is the religion of the future and Zen Nio is the future of Buddhism. The only expert from the oldest lineage, his knowledge is unmatched by today's scholars" - S. Appadurai, TV Broadcaster and author





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